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Anbar Mahar

Coach | Consultant | Facilitator | Trainer | Blogger

Image Description: This is a picture of me. I am wearing a grayish-blue headscarf with design and black-rimmed eye-glasses.

From the instant I interned at an American Muslim nonprofit in 2003, I found my calling to give back to the community for a living. Through my work, I started envisioning a future for the American Muslim community where we have all the resources we need to grow and flourish. To me, this means giving resources to the community in the form of coaching, consulting, and passing on what I am learning. I offer these services to all social justice nonprofits, but specialize in the American Muslim community.

I have a deep passion for helping others on an individual and/or organizational level, and have built my career doing so. I am a certified coach, consultant, facilitator, advocate, and community-oriented leader.  I have over 17 years of experience in working in or consulting for nonprofit organizations in the areas of operations, and organizational development (strategy, building organizational culture, trainings in areas of supervision and so on). I am known for getting things done,  helping individuals or organizations live up to their potential, and creating spaces that allows folks to focus on what is important in a fun, safe way.

I am an ACC level coach with the International Coaching Federation , I hold a Master’s degree in Public Administration with a focus on Nonprofit Management from the University of Southern California, and hold a Bachelor’s of Arts in International Studies from the University of California, San Diego.

When I am not coaching or doing capacity building for nonprofits, you will find me cooking, reading, or exploring the greater Washington area.

 P.S. Are you wondering why I put captions to the pictures? Captions makes images more accessible to people who are unable to see them. 

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