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Fulfilling my Purpose by Helping you Find or Fulfill Yours

Image Description: This image is a word cloud that lists my values and strengths: responsibility, purpose, collaborative, strategy, playfulness, organizer, joy, community, health, develop others, faith, spirituality, efficient, empathy, joy, connection, serving the community, celebrating others.

Get Grounded in your or your Organization's Purpose Through:

Image Description: This image shows a stack of journals, both opened and closed, with pens laying on top.


I work with nonprofits to help them develop their strategy, build organizational culture, fill in gaps in their operations, and more, to help them fulfill their mission’s purpose. I do this through a mixture of coaching, consulting, facilitating, and training.

Image Description: This image is a dirt trail with trees that have both green and yellow leaves on both sides.


I offer coaching to help individuals surface answers to their most pressing questions. I use coaching tools to help individuals explore different paths to find what helps them stay true to themselves in all parts of their life. I coach individuals at all career levels and paths.

Image Description: This is an image that has the words Muslim + Activist = Mactivist       


Coming soon – the Mactivist blog! A blog for American Muslim activists that provides space to have conversations about self-care and reimagine how we can run nonprofits in our community that creates space for self-care.

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